packaging design


I began working as a Graphic Marketing Designer at Pura Vida CBD in May of this year and one of my first projects was designing a packaging label for a new product “CBD oils for pets”. Pura Vida CBD develops healthy and organic products made with natural ingredients, including CBD extracts from hemp seed oils.

Natural and organic, this was the major aspect I decided to focus on, create a product that would instantly be recognized for what it is, make it stand out on the store shelf and keep it clean enough so that customers would be proud to have this product be a part of their home.

Since this was my first leap into the packaging design field, I had to do my research and see what was trending in the market and how competitors created their identities and products.

For the most part, I discovered a common theme of white, bold and striking typography on deep black backgrounds. Personally, this touch wouldn’t fit the organic and natural feel I was looking to achieve, so went further in exploring themes and decided to go for a “more traditional” style in natural color palettes and decided to choose light browns and dark greens to complement each other with an additional dark grey color for legibility on text layers.


"Original Pura Vida CBD logo"
"Color palette"


For the typography, I used the “Vision” font family for creating all of the text layers and headings. While this typeface is only available as a full caps version, it did manage to keep a legible continuity on ingredients and descriptions it was also “strong” enough on its own to work out for headings.

"Final Design"

The final product was a design that used a contained color combination that emphasized the organic element and highlighted the brand.

The logo remained the main aspect and left the pet elements (for pets, and the paw print) as something that could be changed for variants within the product line.

The information was divided into 4 main categories, evenly distributed on both hand sides.


After the main label was designed, it was important to keep a relevant presentation of the brand and to promote this new product, that’s why for this case I also designed an initial marketing campaign for social media platforms, and a landing page to keep all of the product information in tone with the design.

"Social Media ads"
"Landing page"


With this project, I learned much about packaging design, marketing, and web design. But I think the key takeaway for all of this would be the ability to research the market, competition, trends, limitations and customer expectations. This showed me that I was capable of creating in a field of design I hadn’t previously encountered, and gave me the confidence to take on new exciting projects I might have otherwise been reluctant to.

If you enjoyed this case study be sure to check out my other work as well, or if you are interested in seeing more of my packaging designs, visit my “Design blog” on Instagram.