Days of Milko Kelemen

The Days of Milko Kelemen is an annual international music festival that takes place every fall in the town of Slatina, Croatia. The festival is a celebration of the renowned avantgarde composer Milko Kelemen. 

I’ve had the privilege to work with the festival a few years prior and for the 25th anniversary they reached out to me to create a modern and unique brand identity update that would reflect the minimal and raw musical style of Mr. Kelemen. 

This is the result.

With its cultural content, the festival addresses the broadest, non-artistic audience, in order to bring contemporary music and art that humanizes social and urban space and becomes part of everyday life. On the other hand, it addresses young people – high school students and students of music and other academies, who through education and the possibility of realizing their own projects, become potential future artists or new audiences.



The festivals long standing history within the community has made it an important piece of their heritage, therefore the project had to be approached with respect towards the previous concepts and representations, while also offering something new to bring to the familiar audiences.


Milko Kelemen’s music was:

  • bold
  • minimal
  • contrasting

These were the guiding lights for creating this years’ visual identity. I wanted to focus on a strong balance of light and dark elements while utilizing simple geometric shapes. In this case, predominantly circles, with a primary dark circle filled with a representation of Milko Kelemen.

Focusing on this style it was possible to incorporate a definite symbolism within each design choice: The ideas of Mr. Kelemen, represented with filled dark circles escaping from his image.


It was an immense privilege to have the opportunity to create a unique brand identity update for the festival, and both the client and I were very satisfied with the final outcome of the materials. This project also offered me a new challenge for creating a more complex design system for the 28-page portrait brochure design that will be an exclusive addition to this year’s festival.

Thanks for taking the time to go through this project! If you enjoyed this case study and would like to see more of my work you can find some of my other selected projects here or visit my “Design blog” and check out some of my most recent designs.