poster design


This category would be the primary reason I left 3D art and got into graphic design. While I did enjoy 3D modeling, there was a different feeling about creating posters. It was just much more gratifying.

The designs presented here are a mix of professional and personal work and were smaller projects so I won’t be dedicating this case study to any single design but rather a select few to showcase the different processes I have come across over the last 2 years.

This 99Designs project was filled with refinements and creative exploration that, in the end, was more than worth it. “Anatomy of a Breakup” is a comedic Amazon show telling the tale of a college student struggling through a difficult period after his girlfriend broke up with him. The show focused on the phases of a breakup that our leading man was going through, with the assistance of his two best friends.

The initial concepts went into two directions, a) artistic and b) minimalist.

Concept a) depicted more a turmoil created by his ex, while concept b) is a “presentation” of how a breakup affects the mind.


"Concept A"
"Concept B"
"Concept C"
"Final Design"

After experimenting with colors, layouts and textures, the client was still looking for something different from these two concepts, but it was important to keep the minimalist style on the forefront. This is where concept c) was born.

When I heard the title, one of the first ideas that popped to my mind was Saul Basses “Anatomy of a Murder” poster. A breathtaking design from a masterful designer. Due to the way the show wanted to be presented, there was no better work to influence this concept.

The person in blue on the final design is our leading man, broken into pieces from the breakup caused by the woman at the top of it all, and at the base, holding up what is left of him are his two friends helping him through it.


Working for my final project in video production at University I had to create a short compilation of clips that would showcase filming styles and techniques, but I wanted to add a bit more to that and created a short “TV show” intro for my “Netflix style” series. After creating that I kept looking back at one shot, a panning shot alongside a building showing small silhouettes of the balconies. What if these balconies could tell stories? What if they could be more that what we seeing passing through every day? This gave me an idea for a poster design that would serve as a “teaser cover” for the series in question.

That’s how “Little Faith” was born.

"Final Design"

The last project I will be showcasing here is actually the very first one a worked on through 99Designs and presents a big achievement in my progression as a Graphic Designer.

“#Because Love” is a show with the following premise: “A successful 28-year-old woman living abroad abandons everything, including her career and destructive relationship to return to Kenya.”
With that, the requirements for the poster were that it should feature the face of the leading lady in question along with the title and logo.


"Concept A"
"Concept B"
"Concept C"
"Final Design"

At that time, I was still heavily influenced with double exposures, and immediately decided to take my chances with a style that wasn’t offered in the contest thus far and create a stylistic teaser poster for the show. Images were offered by the client, but I felt a stronger shot was still lingering in the episode they shared with the contestants, so I went in, and watched the episode till I found that perfect moment, that solemn look of our leading lady that was more than just a fleeting frame.

I immediately used this image to create the first concepts with skylines juxtaposed on top, after some revision with the client, the skylines changed into a map of Africa and colors towards a deep red.

The client was satisfied and I had created my first portfolio piece and took a step in my career.


These have all been quite different projects to work on, and they gave me a proper idea of how everything was done in the professional world, but most importantly, helped me grow as a designer. From this point on, I kept working hard to create more designs and work on more projects. I’m always looking forward to new ideas that will push my career and creativity to new levels.

If you enjoyed this case study be sure to check out my other work as well, or if you are interested in seeing more of my posters, visit my “Design blog” on Instagram.