Branding and Web Design

Kayak Land

Kayak Land is a brand new e-commerce platform from Zagreb, Croatia specializing in selling high-quality Kayaks and kayaking equipment. 

The project brief consisted of creating a complete brand identity system along with a webshop for easier distribution of the kayaks.

This presented an opportunity to create a complete visual overview for a company, so I had to focus on quite a few aspects.

It was important to create a platform that would speak to the desired target markets with a visually unique style. One of the first steps was doing a complete analysis of what kayaking enthusiasts are typically looking for when shopping online, and what their profiles would look like.


Final Kayak Land logo and wordmark


The market for kayakers is a fairly niche subject so it was important not to overly generalize the brand. This was something I had noticed competitiors attempting and opted to create something unique.

Brand guidelines
Logo design process


The two primary personas created for this project were:

  • A diehard globetrotter looking to explore new vistas and environments with their kayak of choice
  • A casual traveller that would like to experience kayaking for the first time

From here it became apparent that these types of customers would need a strong and easily recognizable brand that they could relie on for their needs.

After completing the logotype I moved onwards to creating the webshop experience. The focus of the site was on highlighting individual products along with the additional equipment.

Kayak Land webshop


This project offered valuable insights into creating user personas, stylescapes, identities and voices for brands. Kayak Land is intended for people that want to experience travel and adventure in a new way, and with this project the client was able to communicate those ideals.

If you would like to take a deeper look at the brand guidelines for Kayak Land, you can find the full pdf here. And if you would like to see the live website, feel free to visit

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