packaging design


Disclaimer: this is a continuation of the previous case study for “Pura Vida CBD for pets” so if you want some more information about the company and my role, check out the previous case study.

After working on new products and readjusting some of the company’s original designs, I was tasked with creating designs for an entirely new product line, CBD Massage oils.

In total there were 4 designs to create and my first task of creating a complete series of packagings.

Utilizing the information I had found in my previous research ventures and having gotten to know the brand I was working with better, I still had to find out more, so I went deeper and started exploring the cosmetics field, not specifically massage oils. I wanted to get a clear image of the market and even went out to some local shops to get a feel of what “stood out”.

This is what brought me to the color palettes and layouts for the massage oil line.


"Color palette"


For the typography, I used the “Vision” font family for creating all of the text layers and headings. While this typeface is only available as a full caps version, it did manage to keep a legible continuity on ingredients and descriptions it was also “strong” enough on its own to work out for headings.

Each massage oil had its own advantages and it was crucial to highlight their uses with their color palettes. Each design had a distinctive color combination but identical minimalist layouts and artwork (utilizing a mandala design enclosing the massage oil title), this way the series was easily identifiable and created an additional “collector” motivation within customers to have the entire set in their house.

The colors themselves were chosen towards psychological associations from various other examples in the market and customer expectations.


This project was another step forward in my packaging design experience and allowed me to work on a larger project. I’m looking forward to continuing working with these labels to create a completely new marketing campaign, but that’s something still down the road so be sure to check back for some updates.

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