poster design


The entire basis for the idea was to create a visual interpretation of an instrumental electronic album. The story is my personal take on the album “Singularity” created by Jon Hopkins, and each chapter follows the story I felt throughout the whole listening experience.

I have always been obsessed with music, and in recent years, I’ve developed a special fondness towards electronic music. In my explorations of new tracks, I discovered the musical style of Jon Hopkins and his most recent album “Singularity”. It was breathtaking. This album with no lyrics, simply beautiful sounds created a sensation in me. An entirely new world was waiting to be discovered.

I listened to the album on my phone in a train, travelling back home for a weekend. This concept was born during that trip and stuck with me for months until I finally felt I was ready to create it and show it to the world.



The typefaces used are “Monument Extended UltraBold” by PangramPangramFoundry and “Raleway” available on Google Fonts

This has been a very personal project and I would like to thank you for taking the time to follow this story with me.

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