Web design


This is a new case study for a personal web design project I’ve been working to celebrate the digital design trends in 2019.

I chose the video production industry since this was something I always had a part in for the majority of my life. One specific aspect I wanted to focus on was emotion within video, from cinematic features to digital ads, emotional video is what keeps the viewers hooked and is what leaves a lasting impression.

For this case I opted for a darker tone of design to emphasize the highlight color (Living Coral).

This also gave me room to keep a minimalist style while also focusing on larger, elegant imagery. The company I invented for the purposes of this project is a video production team focusing on creating emotion in motion to drive forward the video marketing revolution in both modern and traditional aspects.




Another feature which I always admired in web design was the full page navigation, this gave me complete control over the user flow without having to worry too much about any middle ground. Each new section could be accessed by simply scrolling or pressing any of the letters in the side navigation.

The side navigation was created from the name TAPEd to emphasize the user journey through everything that the company stood for and offered.



I moved on to create a contrasting style throughout the page, much like emotion in any art form, contrast is the key to emphasizing all of the important moments.


"Our Work"


Every portfolio page should have certain testimonials available. This section focuses on the values behind the company and clients that have backed those ideals.


Going through frequent CTA buttons helps drive interactivity with new visitors and keeps everything available.

I’m a fan of the 3 click rule and this page was no exemption.



Staying updated with all of the latest trends and news in the design world is something I always strive to do. This project was a quick exploration and dedication to only some of the trends to come in 2019. I’m hoping to continue driving new styles and projects this year to get back to writing very soon again.

But in the meantime if you enjoyed this case study be sure to check out my other work as well, or if you are interested in seeing more of my web work, visit my Dribbble profile.