Digital Design


TDA, the online platform dedicated to connecting companies with digital agencies anywhere in the world. This concept was one of the major ideas that brought me to TDA. Their vision of creating a better way for companies and agencies to meet and communicate resonated with me as a freelancer. I’ve been on one end of that time-consuming ordeal and I can safely say that it can put a strain on anyone.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with TDA, on both smaller and larger projects for the last 7 months. These tend to range from minor visual updates for presentations and marketing materials to creating social media visuals; and to more complex projects, e.g. custom illustrations and animations for pitch videos, conference booths, brochures and posters, and eBooks.

The brand and identity had already existed when I started working on the visual style of TDA, so I had to learn their voice in order to keep it flowing. At first, it was all about mimicking their existing style, but in time that had changed. The brand and company were growing, and their image had to match that expansion. The new eBooks represented one of the key points in this evolution.

I was tasked with creating a series of custom eBooks to promote articles written by agencies from the TDA platform and, in doing so, increase brand awareness and promote the members that worked hard in creating quality content.



The eBooks were divided into 3 categories – Design, Marketing, and Technology, and each had to have a distinct visual style that reflected the respected subject, while also retaining a uniformed style throughout the series in its entirety.

"Main covers of the first trilogy"


It was imperative to create a standardized structure and layout for the content of the eBooks so that returning readers wouldn’t have to adapt to new styles. With that defined it was time to move towards the covers. For each eBook, I had to research different specialized fields and examine what current trends and styles are commonly associated with the fields. In doing so, I was able to create an appealing and easily identifiable design for each cover. After each cover had been finalized, I created a series of “sub-covers” for each featured article that continued into a variation of the main design.


Looking at this project from a technical standpoint it offered me a deeper insight into eBook preparations within InDesign and helped me create more efficient workflows to leave me more time for designing and conceptualizing. And creatively, this project was an ideal opportunity to push my limits in terms of speed when it came to creating original designs for each article cover.

Thanks for taking the time to go through this project! If you enjoyed this case study and would like to see more of my work you can find some of my other selected projects here or visit my “Design blog” and check out some of my most recent designs.