poster design


My first professional design work began through 99Designs and it’s here that I gained a lot of insight about the design process and learned quite a bit of freelance work and client communication.

A larger project I worked on was designing artistic posters for travel enthusiasts looking to brighten up their walls.

The client requested multiple designs of famous tourist locations from around the world to give a sense of what the style would be and how well it would transfer to a series.

For this project it was important to display similarity and variation within a few designs, so for the locations I decided to use Paris, London and San Francisco. I felt these locations offered enough variation in their own styles and gave me the chance to explore different themes across all three.



The direction I decided to take was a silhouetted “painted” style, a style that has many variations in this type of poster design category and something a lot of travel enthusiasts would be familiar with.

Focusing on the most iconic major landmarks for each city I combined a time of day and perspective to create the desired atmospheres for each setting. The Golden Gate bridge at sunset, The Eiffel Tower in the morning and Elizabeth Tower in the evening.

The typography explored in each poster offered variety while still staying with a bold style. Typefaces: Gurindam (San Francisco), Intro Cond (Paris), Jaapoki (London).

The designs were created with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator by working with custom illustrations and stock image tracings to get the most out of both applications.

For the “San Francisco” and “London” posters I decided to add another element to the entire poster, a double exposure to encircle the composition and add more “life” to the concepts. This way it was possible to highlight a younger vibe for “San Francisco” and a more romantic atmosphere for “London”.

Moving along after the contest itself, I got a request from my brother to create 2 more posters in this same style, “Budapest” and “Rome”.

For this I went with a bit more personal touch by using some of his photographs in the designs and merging them with stock imagery from these locations.


Even though the client decided to go with a different route, and the posters weren’t chosen to go further in the round, I still learned a lot about the powerful combination that Photoshop and Illustrator can create and gained a portfolio piece which I am still proud of to this day. And along with that, these designs managed to reach the Semifinals in the 2018 Adobe Design Achievement Awards and that gave me another reason to keep this project on my portfolio for a long time.

If you enjoyed this case study be sure to check out my other work as well, or if you are interested in seeing more of my posters, visit my “Design blog” on Instagram.